Combat Dry Skin in the Winter

Happy New Year to YOU! So far, it’s been a cold start here in Indiana. The temperature outside is 12 degrees. I have thoroughly enjoyed the snow this season and our big, furry dogs love it too. They are hybrid St. Bernard + Bernese Mountain dog mixes and absolutely love walking in the fresh, deep snow. It brings so much joy to my heart to see those 110 pound puppies frolicking in the snow as I’m getting an awesome resistance workout trying to hang onto the leashes. HAHA!

I’m originally from Seattle, and still trying to get used to these beautiful, but crazy cold winters here in Indy. The weather is really harsh on our skin. My hands get dry and cracked, which pushed us to create a fun solution. We launched the Enroute Spa Collection, a bath-and-body-care line a couple of years ago and one of my favorite products is the solid lotion bar line. Guys and gals love that it’s all natural with lots of moisturizing power but without the oily feeling. And it’s crazy affordable at $12.50. My favorite part is the aromatherapy blends available depending on your needs. We have the Stress-Relief blend, the Energy blend, the Immune Support blend and the Tranquility blend. And we are soon to be offering Unscented.

One of the coolest elements of this product (besides the fact that it’s natural and affordable) is that it’s solid, so you can take it through security without the hassle of counting it as a liquid and trying to stuff into your already crammed plastic baggy. Yeah… that’s really cool.

Check it out at and I’ll ship it to you… with LOVE!
Be well – Erin


4 responses to “Combat Dry Skin in the Winter

  1. This looks great, Erin! I’m excited to read all you have to share about wellness & health. Cheers, –Megan Winn

    • Thank you Megan! And what a joy it is to work with you and your beautiful earth-friendly products. I have so many fun things cooked up for this year. Looking forward to YOU being a part of them. Love! Love! Love you!!! -e

  2. Sign us up for some! Our skin could use the relief. The blog is fun, Erin! Keep on writing. Love, Amy and Anne

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